Brand design

This brand seeks to synthesize the Mayday experience, a service for events, where fun is the main objective, and whose main characteristic is the aeronautical / retro atmosphere.

In this sign the text and the image are united, achieving visual unity. In order to synthesize aeronautical aesthetics, an aviation medal was used as a reference and a type of illustration with retro characteristics was used. This was emphasized when using the Market Deco typography for the name, whose details were associated with the posters of the 1930s. On the other hand, the deformation that the name experiences comes to grant movement and dynamism.

The choice of color responds to certain positive associations that it generates. These associations can be very varied but in this brand they look for strength, action, movement, fun.

It was decided to integrate the slogan to the sign because the characteristics of this brand allow it, and also provides a solid anchorage in its meaning.

Tools: Indesign / Illustrator / Photoshop

MAYDAY - Identidad
MAYDAY - Identidad