Brand design

This brand seeks to convey the identity of BAGUAL as a concept. Its aesthetic development is oriented to the meaning of the word, which, although it has many meanings, all are associated with freedom, with the wild and with the untamed.

For typographic composition, a gestural typography was used that has more organic and less structured forms and was subjected to modifications, in order to reinforce its forms. The characters came together, taking as an idea the fact that the baguales horses tend to come together and stay together. Finally, to increase its strength and dynamism, a slight perspective was applied, which makes the word almost a scream.

It was decided to work with black and white, giving preponderance to the forms, and to limit the use of color when applied to different supports.

To complete the brand a hops was used, with the same aesthetic treatment, located above the name, generating a visual unit that completes the concept of the brand. To which the text is added: craft beer, with a chord type style.

Tools: Indesign / Illustrator / Photoshop

BAGUAL - Identidad
BAGUAL - Identidad
BAGUAL - Identidad